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(This site is designed to be used with Internet Explorer version 8 and higher and Firefox 10.0.2 and higher)


The NewsWare application will open with three active news alerts – All the News, Earnings and S&P 500.  They are displayed in a tabbed format; clicking on the alert tab will bring it to the forefront and will display the headlines for that individual alert.  If new headlines populate in an alert that does not have the focus, the name on the tab will turn red to alert you of new headlines.  Another option is to have all open windows viewed simultaneously in a tiled format.

·         The default display is tabbed but can be changed to a tiled format.  Go to the series of buttons beginning with View and select Tiled.

·         Max News/Min News – increases or decreases the amount of viewing space of open windows.  


·         Symbol lookup – enter the symbol in the data entry field; click Go or use your keyboard enter key.  This is considered a query and will not save when logging off.


·         Keyword search – enter the keyword in the data entry field; click Go or use your keyboard enter key.  This is considered a query and will not save when logging off.


·         The new window will be created and displayed at the bottom of the existing alert windows if in a tiled format. If the view is set to tabbed, the most recently added window will have the focus.

·         Viewing stories -  click on a headline to open a story.  Click  the ‘X’ in the upper left-hand corner to close it.

·         Closing active alert or query windows – tile format – click on the ‘X’ on the title bar.  Tabbed format – click on the small ‘X’ on the tab.

·         Settings – allows you to customize the foreground and background color, font type and size of your alerts as well as which columns are displayed in the headlines (date, time, exchange, ticker and/or last price).  For tiled format, use the Settings option that appears on each alert title bar.  The tabbed format uses the Settings option in the View menu.    Click on a tab to bring it forefront then click Settings and make your selections.


Left Menu Icons Alerts icon.png    Create Custom Alerts  

Enter an Alert Name, then enter data in the Expression field. Expressions can be a single or multiple source code, ticker symbols, key words or you can choose an topic from the Selected News Category or Selected News Industries. When entering in multiple source use S. and the two letter news code. S. DJ S.PN S.BW. To create a alert on a portfolio, insert a single space between the ticker symbols Example IBM MSFT GE AAPL. For Key Word alerts, Enter in the Key word / words, example “GOLD” “ Credit Rating”



    Existing Alerts  

Alerts previously created by using the Create Custom Alerts icon are stored in Existing Alerts.  These alerts can be edited, removed from active status or completely deleted from the user’s settings.



                        Category Codes

Our Category Codes are pre-set alert expressions covering various news categories and industries.  They are designed in-house using targeted keywords and content included within the stories.  Click on your selection in either the Category and/or Industry columns then click the Search button to activate the new window.  Using your Ctrl key will allow you to highlight multiple items in each column.   Examples: category search – highlight Dividends and Earnings then click Search.  This will result in capturing headlines relating to either earnings or dividends.  Category and Industry search – highlight Earnings in the Category column and highlight Software and Technology in the Industry column.  This will result in capturing earnings headlines for either software or technology stocks.    Please note: these searches are not designed to be saved to your profile settings. Only alerts created in the Create Custom Alert are saved to a user’s profile.    Morning Briefs

A quick recap of the morning’s broker upgrades, hot stocks, earnings guidance, newspapers/websites, IPOs and SEC filings. Search Icon.png    Historical Search

The Historical Search icon gives you the capability of creating customized searches using criteria such as ticker symbols, keywords, news feeds, news categories and news industries.  Enter ticker symbols or keywords in the Expression field, select options from any of the drop-down menus and check boxes then click search to activate a new window.  Note:  historical searches are considered one-time lookups and are not saved to a user’s profile.  TN Earnings

A unique database that provides quick access to earnings and option-related data. TN Earnings provides an estimate, the expected date of the earnings release, last five days of the implied volatility of the “at the money” call option, total option volumes and the last ten stories from Track Notes News.    DJ News Plus

Dow Jones News Plus is a companion web site that highlights top economic and business stories exclusively available to subscribers of the Dow Jones Financial Wire. It draws attention to their agenda-setting columns and provides easy-to-use navigation and search tools.    DJ Calendars

Quick link to the Dow Jones weekly Earnings Calendar.    ETF Center

Our ETF Center is designed to provide a breakdown of some of the most popular ETFs. Click on the icon to open the database. Clicking on an individual ETF symbol will display the top ten stocks by weighting along with the latest news headlines. The displayed headlines have a relevancy factor of “1” which is a proprietary formula used to determine whether or not a story has the potential to cause volatility in the stock price.    Story Count

The Story Count database is designed to provide an insight as to which stocks have an increased level of news activity. Click on the icon to access a pop up box. This box allows you to select an index such as the Russell 1000 or to enter a user defined portfolio of ticker symbols to see which stocks have an increase in news activity as compared to its 90-day average. Earnings news has the ability to skew the results, so we offer an option to exclude stocks whose news activity is based on earnings releases.      Market Pulse

Tracks intraday trading activity for NYSE, NASD, AMEX and the Options Markets. Data displays, most active stocks, Most Up on the day, most down on the day in multiple different formats.