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delivers real-time breaking news stories-First.

provides instant alerts on topics such as Earnings Releases, Economic Numbers, SEC Filings and Broker Research.

provides unique functionality for news alerts and news filtering.

is the single best source for breaking financial news. Our news alerts can be customized by events (earnings reports, portfolios, economic indicators, key words or phrases).

has access to global news-wires
(Asian News, European News, North American News).

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There are millions of news stories published every day. is a technology solution that keeps the playing field equal for access to financial news sources that delivers breaking news events – Our service provides you with the ability to create news alerts that are important to you. We index every word of every story so you can filter the news content that is valuable to you. The filtering options alert you to breaking news - First, every time.

Professional traders have turned to NewsWatch for the delivery of breaking news events.
  • Breaking news on earnings reports, SEC filings, broker upgrades, analyst ratings.
  • Comprehensive – hundreds of news sources including Dow Jones, BusinessWire, PR NewsWire, First Call, Flyonethewall, MT Newswires plus sources that deliver content related to broker ratings, broker research, earnings guidance, SEC filings and economic releases.
  • Reliable – our servers are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Affordable – We bundle Dow Jones, BusinessWire Pr Newswire, MarketWired, Globe NewsWire and other professional-grade newswires into our standard package.
  • Adaptable – enterprise-wide or individual solutions available: NewsWatch can be customized to the user’s preferences and interests. Just let us know the content you need and we will entitle you for it (SEC filings, broker research, analyst comments, economic releases and social media news sources).
Whether you’re an individual or institutional trader, you need professional-grade newswires. NEWSWARE provides the very best financial news wires that are proven to provide breaking news on which to profit.