Newsware has an extensive list of sources in the following catagories-

Press Release Wires


Over 10,000 corporations rely upon Business Wire in order to achieve timely, accurate and effective distribution of their news. This newswire carries full text news releases, exactly as written by the companies, on such market sensitive issues as earnings, dividend announcements, management changes and other developments of interest to investors.

PR NewsWire

PR Newswire is the world leader in the electronic delivery of news releases and information directly from companies, institutions and agencies to the media, financial community and consumers. Contains timely corporate press releases regarding product development, earnings announcements, acquisitions and other corporate activities

Investor Relations Wire

IR Wire connects directly to thousands of public company website and pulls their company announcements into a streaming news feed. Many companies are sending out emails rather than press releases for key announcements. This feed was developed for a major Wall Street Proprietary Trading Desk and we hold the exclusive distribution rights to this feed.

Globe NewsWire

GlobeNewswire, a NASDAQ OMX company, is one of the world's largest newswire distribution networks, specializing in the delivery of corporate press releases, financial disclosures and multimedia content to the media, investment community, individual investors and the general public.


Market Wire offers broad, real-time dissemination of company press releases and material news directly to leading newsrooms, disclosure points, Web sites and online databases, as well as to individual journalists, analysts and consumers.

E-World Wire

A general press release service, published by World Internet Media. EWORLDWIRE distribution databases reach over 12,000 daily and weekly newspapers, over 5,500 magazines, over 24,000 e-zines (web magazines and sites), over 1,800 TV stations, and over 12,000 radio stations, and thousands of freelancers - having over 485,000 individual writers, editors and reporters in our databases, more than any other release service.

PR Web

PRWeb is a Vocus company, which distributes press releases over the Internet via RSS. PRWeb owns international web sites to distribute press releases in Spanish (Ambos Medios), French, Chinese, and to French-Canadian and English-Canadian markets.

Light Reading

Founded in 2000, Light Reading is the leading online media, research, and focused event company serving the $3 trillion worldwide communications market. is the ultimate source for technology and financial analysis of the communications industry, leading the media sector in terms of traffic, content, and reputation. Light Reading ’s research arms, Heavy Reading and Pyramid Research, provide the most comprehensive communications research, market data, and technology analysis in close to 100 markets around the world.


Moodys is an essential component of the global capital markets providing credit ratings, research tools and analysis that contribute to transparent and integrated financial markets. Their Press Releases service is truly designed for institutional organizations. This feed covers credit ratings within the OTC derivative markets.


Send2Press Newswire service and the Neotrope News Network provide a unique solution for dissemination and persistence of news content to targeted media. We offer the only proven, credible and experienced newswire service which was the first in the industry to be fully staffed by current and former professional journalists, and accredited public relations (PR) professionals.

US NewsWire

U.S. Newswire is a U.S. national news release wire service established in 1986. They distribute media materials on behalf of a variety of customers particularly the U.S. government and non-profit agencies.


Canadian Press Release Wires

The NewsWire Canada is Canada ’s newest and most innovative press release service providing press release dissemination for both publicly traded companies and Nationally Registered charities.

Bay Street NewsWire

BayStreet Newswire, part of Media Corp., is a Canadian publisher of original, timely and insightful commentary; analysis and opinion are aimed at helping North American investors make informed investment decisions. BayStreet Newswire delivers its press release content via NewsWare

CNW Group

CNW Group is one of the leaders in electronic delivery of time-critical news and information on behalf of Canadian and international organizations. CNW Group, a bilingual communications company, provides valuable corporate and government information.


Media and investor relations wire service that carries full-text corporate news releases for thousands of Canadian companies. Major clients cover most business sectors and all Canadian stock exchanges.

M2 Communications

M2 Communications a British-based publishing and media services company, is a leader in electronic news publishing. Through its M2 PressWIRE service M2 offers press releases as well as targeted, industry-specific distribution. M2 Communication ’s PressWIRE is an international wire service that carries full-text corporate press releases for national and international companies, governments, and organizations. Also provides a daily editorial news service covering breaking developments in telecommunications, information technology, and other technology-led industries worldwide.


International Press Release Wires

Comtex International

This feed provides access to many different international wires including news organizations from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


The Hugin Group is an innovative provider of press release distribution services to the European investment community. Hugin keeps global investors well informed with corporate information from publicly listed European clients primarily located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Benelux and Germany.


The Regulatory News Service (RNS) transmits regulatory and non-regulatory information published by companies and organizations allowing them to comply with local market transparency legislation. It is owned by the London Stock Exchange and distributes over 90% of UK company news and results announcements and over 40% of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings on behalf of FTSE 100 companies, amounting to several hundred announcements a day.


A European Press Release service that focus on distributing investor relations data to the public.

World Stock Wire

World Stock Wire offers their clients full-text news announcements from various publicly traded companies worldwide. Our site entails news releases, photos and multimedia covering the latest news, mergers and acquisitions, product announcements, and dozens of other subjects in more than 100 industries

Press Association UK

Founded in 1868, the Press Association has an unrivalled reputation for providing fast, fair and accurate news content. Alongside our core national news agency operation, the Press Association also supplies a wide range of content and editorial services


Market Intelligence News Wires

Benzinga Market News

Benzinga Financial news supplying company and industry intelligence to business professional world-wide. Coverage includes detailed news reports on companies and industries, and highlights of economic and financial news. Benzinga is constantly developing actionable trading idea that can assist stock, option futures and currency traders.

The Fly on the Wall

Provides market moving financial news and events to equity traders. Information is dynamically derived from Wall Street traders, brokers, and institutional investors including morning and midday analyst recommendations, analyst presentations, company meetings, road shows, conference calls, syndicate info, and rumors.

Jag Notes, Inc. is a leading provider of equities research and financial information offering subscribers a diverse selection of stock market research, news, commentary and analysis. provides consolidated investment reports on all the stocks that have newly issued research, analyst opinions, upgrades, downgrades and coverage changes from the leading analysts and brokerage firms in the business.

First Call International

A powerful equity research tool for global investors, containing real-time equity notes and intra-day research commentary from the world ’s top analysts. Contributing analysts from the United Kingdom, Europe and the Asian-Pacific rim.

First Call / Research Direct

Delivers time-sensitive equity research designed for use by institutional investors. Morning meeting comments, intra-day research broadcasts and special equity notes from Wall Street ’s top firms form the core of the notes on the First Call newswire

Market Watch

MarketWatch is a leading provider of business news and financial information. MarketWatch headlines are truly alerts to market breaking news stories. While other news sources take time to write an in-depth articles, MarketWatch delivers headlines describing the hot news event in simple straight forward terms.

Midnight Trader

Only MidnightTrader provides real-time extended-hours coverage of stocks likely to move in the following regular session. With MidnightTrader news you ’ll find opportunities and be better prepared for regular session trading by staying ahead of Wall Street with live pre-market stock trading news from 6:45 to 10 am EST and late breaking after-hours coverage from 3:30 to 8 pm EST. MidnightTrader provides traders with an edge on regular session and extended-hours trading, averaging over 100 stories per day

Midnight Trader Live Briefs

Live Briefs delivers complete real-time coverage and analysis of the pre-market, regular session and after-hours markets with industry-leading corporate news and trading ideas. Live Briefs ® news and historical announcement-reaction analysis provide timely and valuable predictive insight into the future trading price of a company ’s stock. You receive streaming stock, commodity, exchange-traded fund (ETF), forex, futures and breaking economic news all day long.

Traders Daily

A leading provider of daily trade ideas. Their insightfull analysis is designed to take advantage of inter-day trading opportunites. Data is broken down into Bullish, Bearish segments and the data comes out before the market opens each day.

Street Insider

Broker Recomandations, IPO ’s, Option News, Economic News, Earnings Updates and more. This feed delivers the details on the stocks that are moving in today ’s markets.


Earnings News

EarningsWhisper is a complete source of earnings guidance that makes it easy for users to keep abreast of important corporate earnings guidance announcements. These announcements, that often differ from consensus estimates for upcoming results, have shown to be significant near-term catalysts for their stocks. EarningsWhispers ’ summaries, which are provided in near real-time, are in a format that is easy to digest so the direction and magnitude of the impact can be quickly determined.

Wall Street Horizon

Wall Street Horizon is the earnings calendar company – the most accurate and comprehensive original data source for U.S. corporate earnings dates and conference call information. Wall Street Horizon offers a comprehensive, highly accurate feed of detailed U.S. corporate calendar dates -- earnings release dates, conference calls, ex-dividend dates, meeting dates, and other critical information that has direct impact on a company's stock price.

Earnings Notebook

Earnings Notebook ® provides insight reports containing historical corporate-earnings events and reaction data for use in forecasting stock-price movement following an upcoming announcement. The product helps you identify companies that are earnings-sensitive and have a consistent pattern of extending gains or losses in the after-hours or pre-market.


RTTNews newswire covers up to the minute breaking news of all US, Canadian, UK, Indian and major global companies, economic news from 50+ countries, policy/political news, commentary and analysis, Forex markets, commodities, treasury, bonds, FED and other central bank decisions/comments, etc 24/7. The newswire also provides pre-market and after hours stock alerts, major Wall St. events, FDA Decisions/News, IPOs, M&A, exclusive interviews, etc."

Zacks Research content provide investor with the data and tools required to make informed and profitable investment decisions. Zacks content includes stock picks, Industry overview, technical analysis, Earnings estimates, company fundamentals, and consensus statements.

Zacks Earnings Surprises

A unique news service that highlights stocks where the earnings deviated from what the expected earnings call was to have been. Zack ’s is one of the leading sources for earnings data and this service quickly help investors obtain a clear picture of a public companies earnings announcement.


News Papers / Magazines

Asian Wall Street Journal

A version of The Wall Street Journal providing news and analysis of global business developments for an Asian audience. It was founded in 1976 and is printed in nine Asian cities: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. Average circulation for the first half of 2008 was 80,706. Its largest markets in order of importance are: Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, India and Vietnam.

Barron ’s

Barron ’s magazine has been influencing the decisions of investors for almost a century. Our influential columnist provide unique insights to various markets direction.


Provide s in-depth articles on publicly traded companies and global economic analysis.


Delivers business and related news from over 120 U.S. newspapers at the same time it hits the street. This service is a great benefit to those who track locally-based companies and regional business developments that do not make the wires, as well as providing in-depth articles on major corporations from the local perspective.

European Wall Street Journal

Provide access to all of the stories and columns that is found in the European edition of the Wall Street Journal.


Option Newswires

Fresh Brewed Media

Fresh Brewed media strives to fill the gaps in market reporting by publishing information that uses both technical and fundamental analysis along with unique proprietary systems to produce content that is ahead of the market. Fresh Brewed Media leverages market news, economic news, trading trends and equity research to produce reports that identify specific tactics investors can use today. Fresh Brewed Media has a flexible reporting approach that adapts to the current and anticipated market environment with conservative hedged reports, alerts and strategies tailored to a mainstream investor looking for an edge in uncertain markets.

Track Notes

An action orientated news service providing unusual options volumes & implied volatility spikes, block option trades, earnings alerts, Pre/Post Market Movers, economic report alerts, FDA Alerts, NYSE & NASD Trade Alerts, Order Imbalances on the NYSE and more.


SEC Filings

Edgar Filings

Delivers SEC data such as 10K and 10Q ’s for the most actively traded companies.

10K Wizard

10-K Wizard provides real-time alerting for all SEC EDGAR filings, including 10k, 10Q, 8Ks, 11K, proxy statements, prospectuses, Insider activity Forms 3, 4, and 144, holdings reports 13F-HR, and beneficial ownership forms SC13D,E & G, SC 14D & F. Approx 1200 per day.


Lions Wire is a real time SEC newswire that is created by LionShares applies a ticker symbol to any public entity coming through the feed for use in a news alert program or application. LionShares has developed proprietary methodology facilitating the electronic parsing of critical text information out of the body of the filing document.

Dow Jones Corp Filings

Combs complex filings from the SEC, bankruptcy courts and government agencies to uncover the news companies may not want you to know. This real-time service has a special focus on high yield and convertible securities, bankruptcy filings, equity ownership issues, plus in-depth coverage of technology, telecommunications, real estate, and other industries.


Technical Analysis

AIQ News

A Technical Analysis news service. Shows stocks crossing moving averages, Trading up/lower range of Bollinger Bands, MACD crossovers, Most active Industry Groups by volume and more.

Auto Chartist

Autochartist is the world ’s most advanced tool for the automatic identification of Chart Patterns and Fibonacci Patterns. Our proprietary technology allows us to monitor thousands of financial instruments 24 hours per day automatically uncovering trading opportunities as they occur. With our pattern recognition engines continuously scanning financial markets such as Forex, Equities, Indices, and Commodity markets, traders are notified within minutes of pattern formations


A stock scanning service that uses pattern recognition techniques to find trade ideas. 200 day Moving Ave crossovers, crosses below or above opening prices and other useful trade data.

Track Markets

Is the only service in the world that gives you up-to-the-second price action alerts, combined with actionable trading analysis. First, you will be alerted throughout the day via a scrolling applet to the most important price-and-volume movements on a universe of over 5,000 stocks. These include up-to-the-second alerts of: 60-day new highs and lows, 52-week highs and lows, stocks touching 50-day and 200-day moving averages, stocks that have large intraday volume surges,10 and 20 percent pullbacks off highs and lows extreme tick TRIN and VIX levels, instantaneous alerts to large buyers and sellers on the exchanges.

Comtex Smart Trend

SmarTrend ® is a unique product for both professional and non-professional investors which offers unparalleled insight into when equities have initiated a significant move -- upward or downward. SmarTrend supplies you with the ammunition you need to make sound investment decisions.


Major Financial News Wires

Associate Press Financial News

APFN unique niche in business news reporting is focused on putting the news into perspective to help the savvy investor and business professional better understand the performance of the markets. Most providers of financial news are focused on meeting the immediate trading needs of financial professionals. This focus often results in assumptions about a reader ’s ability to understand the details of a company ’s numbers and expects trading decisions to be around short-term moves in and out of the market.


Comtex is a dynamic business-to-business infomediary that aggregates, customizes, enhances, and redistributes diverse real-time global news and information for the Internet, Wall Street and corporate reseller markets. COMTEX ’ customers receive topical content in the industry-standard format, enhanced with keywords and U.S. stock ticker symbols. COMTEX ’ customers gain a competitive advantage with real-time news and just-in-time analysis.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Newswires

Dow Jones NewsWire – Dow Jones News Service covers stock markets more thoroughly than any other source. Outlook before the bell, market wrap-ups on the close, and frequent updates in between give you complete information. Hot stocks and unusual price activity are flagged for you. And the rolling market commentary of DJ Market Talk lets you know what other equity market insiders are really talking about.

Dow Jones Capital Markets – For the latest on global debt and money markets turn to Dow Jones Capital Markets Report. It puts you ahead of the game - delivering the fast, focused news, insight and analysis ideal for the fixed-income professional. Subscribers get commentary on all major markets, ratings, filings, economic news, and DJ Market Talk - interpretive comment on market activity around the globe.

Dow Jones Economic Report – provides real-time news and information on the world ’s foreign exchange markets. With extensive coverage of the events and trends that affect interest and exchange rates, Dow Jones Economic Report also provides news, statistics, analysis and commentary for currency and money markets - plus vital economic, political, government, financial and corporate events.

Dow Jones Energy Report – Breaking news, market analysis, and OTC prices for physical and financial markets is just a sampling of what ’s featured in Dow Jones Energy Service. This unique service covers all major market segments: electric power, crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and natural gas. Dow Jones Energy Service also provides columns, DJ Market Talk and in-depth feature coverage of the markets.

Dow Jones Power & Gas – For energy pros who want focused coverage on just the power and gas markets, the streamlined Dow Jones Power & Gas Service provides news, analysis, market indexes for the electric power and natural gas markets.

Dow Jones Petroleum & Gas – offers selected news, features, market statistics and analysis for the petroleum and gas markets. This streamlined service offers just the news you want for the crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals and natural gas markets.

Market News

Provides fast, in-depth reporting on monetary and fiscal policy, budget and tax legislation, central bank market intervention, economic indicators and forecasts, and financial market activities with an emphasis on the U.S., Canada, the UK, Japan, and Germany.


Provides news reports from around the world with a specific focus on the financial markets. This version of Reuters delivers the top breaking news items with link outs to their home page for full article access.

Dow Jones Power and Gas Report

For energy pros that want focused coverage on just the power and gas markets, the streamlined Dow Jones Power & Gas Service provides news, analysis, market indexes for the electric power and natural gas markets.


News Coverage from Financial News stations

Ockham Research

Provides alerts on the stocks being discussed on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business New Channel. In addition every story is delivered with an Ocham Research stock rating and peer analysis data

TV Eyes

This service tracks what is said on the financial TV programs including CNBC, CNNfn, Bloomberg, and more. Follow your favorite stocks, money manager, analysts and more.


News From the Web


Moreover – links to over 10,000 sites worldwide - Moreover Technologies is a provider of Dynamic Information designed to monitor, retrieve, and manage mission-critical online information in real-time. Moreover ’s robust technology scours the web every 15 minutes to capture the most actionable information from more than 3,000 qualified, hand-picked sources -- including news sites, industry sources and company websites. Moreover ’s breaking news can be searched and filtered by source and over 330 news

Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is the premier website for actionable stock market opinion and analysis, and vibrant, intelligent finance discussion. We handpick articles from the world's top market blogs, money managers, financial experts and investment newsletters - publishing approximately 250 articles daily. Seeking Alpha gives a voice to over 3000 contributors, providing access to the nation's most savvy and inquisitive investors.

SmallCap Investor

Stock picks, stock market news, and financial insights from Wyatt Investment Research. Wyatt Research was founded in 2001 as an investment research focused publisher of information for active individual investors. The company offers independent research and analysis of the financial markets, stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds to +250,000 individual investors through a variety of investment newsletters, trading alert services, and e-letters.


Asian NewsWires

ACN / JCN NewsWire

JCN Network is one of Japan ’s leading corporate communication networks, delivering corporate clients financial product and technical news releases to business partners worldwide. JCN Network also provides industry news coverage with a JCNN attribution while the press release service has a JCN newswire attribution.

Kyodo News

Kyodo Financial News Wire (KFN) is a business and financial news service produced by Kyodo News Service, Japan and Asia ’s largest news agency. KFN provides up-to-the-moment corporate and government news as well as timely market reports including stock and bond prices, foreign exchange quotes, commodities, money market rates, plus news and commentary on foreign exchange reserves, industrial production, trade statistics, consumer trends, and all major economic indexes from Japan and Asia. (S.KY) Content charge negotiable by volume.

Nikkei English News

Provides the most current corporate, business and financial news about Japan and the Pacific Rim from Asia ’s leading business newspaper company, with a real-time electronic news-gathering network supported by over 2,000 journalists. (S.NK) Content charge Negotiable by volume


Specialty Wires

American Banker

American Banker has provided vital information to banking and financial services professionals for more than 165 years. This unique news franchise sets the agenda for an industry in the throes of tremendous change. American Banker navigates the waters of convergence, and consolidation, speaking directly to the interests of large and small institutions - including not just traditional commercial bankers, but investment and insurance professionals, as well as a growing group of less conventional players.

British Broadcasting Corp (BBC)

Comprehensive coverage of international news from BBC Monitoring sources. News and reports specifically related to Business, Finance, the Markets, and the Economy.

Fundamental Wire

The comprehensive coverage from NewsWare ’s Fundamental Wire includes more than1,600 data elements on each company record. Comprised of annual and interim/quarterly data, detailed historical financial statement content, per share data, calculated ratios, pricing, and textual information, NewsWare ’s Fundamental Wire provides you with the information you need for investment perspective.

Block Trade Fee (London)

Provides alerts when block trades occur on any stock within the FTSE 100.

Block Trade Wire (otcBB Pinks)

Provides a brief description of publicly traded companies traded on the NASDAQ OTC BB market and Pink Sheets market. Each news story contains information on major trade block trades that occur during the trading data.

Fly On The Wall - Events Events, a source specializing in keeping customers up to date on the upcoming events in the government and business worlds. This feed provides an overview of events of the day as small as conference calls and as large as congressional hearings.

Fly On The Wall - Syndicate Syndicate provides analysis of deals assembled by groups of financial institutions to help keep customers on top of the latest business transactions.

Hedge Fund News

Dynamically updating content from the world of Hedge Funds. Hedge fund news is populated by content from a number of different Hedge Fund news sites.

Street Events

StreetEvents provides a complete solution for managing corporate disclosure and brokerage event information with advanced alerting, customizable watch lists and synchronized desktop management, to help investment professionals increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Street Events Transcripts

A transcripts service where verbal conversation occurring on conference calls are transcribed into text and delivered as a news story.

Spiegal OnLine International

A trusted source of breaking news out of Germany. Spiegal OnLine deliver the latest German news in real time in English and in German.

Dow Jones Global Institutional Wire

In a world where financial risks and opportunities straddle the asset classes, Dow Jones Global Institutional wire delivers the breaking new on global equities, Fixed Income and Currency Trading.

Dow Jones Capital Markets

For the latest on global debt and money markets turn to Dow Jones Capital Markets Report. It puts you ahead of the game - delivering the fast, focused news, insight and analysis ideal for the fixed-income professional. Subscribers get commentary on all major markets, ratings, filings, economic news, and DJ Market Talk - interpretive comment on market activity around the globe

Dow Jones World Equities Report

Dow Jones World Equities Report uses the global reporting resources of Dow Jones Newswires and our content alliances, including the Associated Press, to deliver on-the-spot news on international markets, companies, economies and politics. International market professionals - institutional salespeople, traders, analysts, and fund managers - will find Dow Jones World Equities Report an essential market tool.

Dow Jones European Spotlight

This feed brings you the real-time and extensive coverage of European companies that traders need. It also includes all European indicators, European government policy, Market comments across all asset classes; central bank decision and relevant political and general news affecting the region.